How is all of this run

The junior activities committee is a sub-committee of the club’s management committee and consists of the following volunteers:

Junior Activity Coordinator                            KurtGoodwin

Assistant Junior Activity Coordinator           –

Team Manager                                               Michelle McRae, Stirling Kidd

Child Protection Officer                                 Rahela Beevers

Water Safety Coordinator                             Jordon Irwin

Officials Coordinator                                     Kurt Goodwin

Uniforms and Merchandise Officer             Emma Kidd

Water Safety Coach                                    Michelle McRae, Zane Hooton

Junior Activity Accreditation Officer          Dave McRae

Photographer                                             Annette Cooper

Trailer /  Equipment Steward                     Rob Schluter

Grounds-Person                                         Clark Cooper

Canteen                                                      Rochelle Vycke

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