All of the training that you receive at a surf lifesaving club is provided free of charge and most of our courses are nationally accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework.  This means that the First Aid Certificate that you receive with us will be recognised by your employer.

Bronze Medallion. The “basic” award of Surf Lifesaving is the Bronze Medallion and all lifesavers must have this award.  (13 and 14 year-olds can gain the Surf Rescue Certificate as a stepping stone to the Bronze Medallion).  To earn your coveted Bronze Medallion you must:

  • Be 15 years of age at the date of assessment
  • Swim 400m in a pool in under 9 minutes
  • Complete a number of training rescues in the ocean
  • Run 200m, swim 200m and run 200m in the ocean and on the beach in under 8 minutes
  • Complete simulated resuscitation as part of a team
  • Perform first aid to injured patients
  • Operate radios and use lifesaving signals

This is usually done in a training course with other “recruits” and the courses run on Sunday for about 6 weeks.

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC).  The SRC award is form members who have turned 13 years old and allows them to join in a patrol group under supervision of experienced lifesavers.  The content is similar to the Bronze Medallion, however, the physical standards are not as demanding and the assessment in the lifesaving skills is not as rigorous.  The SRC can also be completed by parents of nippers and this qualifies the parents to undertake water safety duties while the nippers are in the ocean.

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